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More than 150 residents attend consultation

More than 150 residents attend consultation

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The consulting event held in the Village Hall on Saturday 22nd September 2018 was a great success with over one hundred and fifty residents attending to share their views.

A wealth of detailed material was on display, demonstrating the progress so far.  Members of all the working groups were on hand to answer questions as well as representatives from organisations proposing suitable sites for development. 

Walk through...

For those who would like a recap or were unable to attend, we’ve prepared an inter-active presentation. This provides a ‘walk-through’ of the issues and gives you the opportunity to download relevant documents and maps from a single place.  YOU CAN VIEW THE PRESENTATION HERE

* Please note that this presentation works on all browsers with the exception of some versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Many versions of this browser are no longer updated or supported.  If you are still using IE, we advise you to switch to an alternative browser to improve your viewing experience on a large number of websites including this one.

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